• Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution is the best for Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Most solution providers are undermining traditional cloud based services . There are research numbers that strongly present and support their ideas. However, there are solutions that utilize the best of both traditional storage and the cloud to provide a comprehensive solution.

    A storage solution that stores data locally, in the backup infrastructure, and on the cloud is called a hybrid storage solution.

    Why use Hybrid Cloud Storage for Enterprise Data?

    Storage solutions revolve around cost efficiency and optimizing processes and operations. It is popular opinion that enterprise cloud storage is the best route to an enterprise. However, that's not entirely true.

    Which solution is best for an enterprise depends on the enterprise data requirements. According to data analytics, the company handles a large portion of data that is either dormant or archival data. This data is only available for the most part. This data is only needed for astronomical purposes.

    Azure Cool Blob Gold Storage Gold AWS S3-IA Gold AWS Glacier. You can backup to AWS or Microsoft Azure and use their third-party access storage. However, it is better to keep them close to you.

    Verily, keeping multiple copies and having one on the cloud adds additional recoverability and security.

    In order to optimize the flow of operations and the recovery of data, it is better to keep a copy of the backup on local infrastructure. With backup appliances that come with cloud connect services, you can store your data locally and move them directly to the cloud.

    For instance, you can use StoneFly's appliances and store your data locally on them. As all of StoneFly's appliances come with cloud connect services, you can move this data to the cloud and back to Azure or AWS because StoneFly is partnered with both of them. This is a truly efficient and reliable backup solution.


    In terms of disaster recovery , it comes in handy if your local infrastructure is compromised due to a localized incident or a natural disaster. If you're backing up your data on the cloud, then you're going to lose the minimum amount of data, despite enduring the loss of an entire office or building. If the enterprise opts to use private clouds and replication services, then the enterprise can also acquire instant failover services. With these services, the enterprise can continue their operations by failing over to replicated systems. 

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